Hemp Hearts™ Tools And Programs for Restoring Tissue Health and Reducing Inflammation

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Kit includes only those products which can provide the protein equivalent to one gallon of mother’s milk per day in two very satisfying servings.  Those who have reduced the real proteins in their diets, replacing great proteins with starches and other imperfect proteins, always experience imperfect skin and hair and nails, eventually painful joints and more serious debilitation. 

  • 2 lb. of Hemp Hearts Protein Flakes (Each 2 oz. serving provides the equivalent of 2 quarts of mother’s milk.  Those who use two servings per day with vegetables are soon rewarded with perfect tissue health as well as perfect digestive health.  
  • 1 lb. of Hemp Hearts Protein Powder (Each 2 oz. serving also provides the protein equivalent of 2 quarts of mother’s milk, but is usually used in drinks or soups or in puddings or yogurt).
  • 4 of 18 choices of Square Meal Desserts (Those who follow instructions for warming these Square Meal Desserts and then consuming them with ice cream or yogurt often comment that they are the best tasting meals they have ever consumed…and they take less than one minute to prepare, requiring only one fork.
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