Hemp Hearts™ Tools And Programs For Experiencing Amazing Long Lasting Energy

$50.00 $30.00

Kit includes only those products made with intact Hemp Hearts™ …. over 50 % oil (for energy) and only 30 %  protein (for body tissue Health).

  • 1 serving of Hemp Hearts and Cranberry High Energy Crumbles (preferred by athletes
    because they can be used continuously as fuel).
  • 32 Little Man’s Square Meals (preferred by children and old folks as meals or  snacks).
  • 1 lb. Original Hemp Hearts (turbocharges, but also lubricates gut tubes so each 2 oz. serving
    should be consumed with or followed by long fibre foods (raw fruit or vegetables).
  • 1 of 22 choices of More Than A Square Meal bars (the mother of all energy bars
  • 1 jar of Hemp Hearts Dip/Dressing/Sauce (multiplies the energy in any other food)