Hemp Hearts POWDER (16 lb Box)

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Hemp Hearts (REDUCED FAT) Powder (TM) ( 16 lb Box)

Health Canada License 13-T0052-C-01, No detectable THC at less than 1 ppm



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Hemp Hearts (REDUCED FAT) Powder (TM) (16 lb)

Health Canada License 13-T0052-C-01, No detectable THC at less than 1 ppm

Unlike Competitors’ Hemp Powders — this protein powder is Not Made With Sandy Textured Ground Shell Material.
Wonderful with soups, dressings, drinks and high moisture foods.  Dissolves almost entirely in hot water.
With much less fat than Hemp HeartsTM, does not lubricate the digestive system too much to be used with starches and processed foods.
Normally non-allergenic – but Canadian farm products can not be guaranteed to be microscopically free of wheat, weeds or other grains.
With 35% less calories and 65% more protein than normal Hemp HeartsTM, the REDUCED FAT Powder is extremely satisfying and can be used to lose weight without any hunger.
Protein is by far the most important nutrient for tissue health:  A 55g serving (1/2 cup) contains as much of the same amino acids (proteins) as 1.75 liters of mother’s’ milk, but retains about 14% fat—mostly omega fat.

NOTE about Hemp Hearts (REDUCED FAT) Flakes™ and Hemp Hearts (REDUCED FAT) Powder™

I invented Hemp Hearts™ (thirty percent protein, but fifty percent fat) and taught hundreds of thousands of individuals how to use them for tissue health…….and even for weight loss. The problem with Hemp Hearts™ is that people must change their diets totally in order to use them in sufficient quantity for the protein that is always necessary to experience health benefits. A minimal 5 tablespoon daily serving of Hemp Hearts™ ™ is only the protein equivalent of one US quart of milk, but to use even that limited amount successfully individuals must replace the starches and processed foods in their diets with long fiber foods, especially raw vegetables–or they may poop their pants in their cars. For those who really need assistance with tissue health issues, we recommend 8 tablespoons of Hemp Hearts™ mornings—always with a mountain of long fiber foods. I have now removed most of the oil from Hemp Hearts™ to make two delightful, pure hemp products—Hemp Hearts™ (REDUCED FAT) Flakes™ and Hemp Hearts™ (REDUCED FAT) Powder™. They are each over fifty percent protein, but they each only contain about one quarter the fat of Hemp Hearts™. They are much lower in calories, much less lubricating of the digestive system and therefore much easier to use with any other foods for the protein that is by far our most important nutrient—-essential for all real health benefits. It is quite convenient to use myHemp Hearts™ (REDUCED FAT) Flakes and Powder to obtain the protein equivalent of more than one US gallon of milk per day. To control or lose weight, people can eatHemp Hearts™ (REDUCED FAT ) Flakes™ for breakfast with yogurt or fruit or chili or cereal—any small meal—and then again later, experiencing no hunger each day at all, but consuming so few calories that weight control or loss is inevitable ….all while utilizing the amazing protein for improved tissue health. Hemp Hearts™ (REDUCED FAT ) Powder™ is great with smoothies or soups or even as a latee— with milk and honey and spice. We have no competitors for our Hemp Hearts™ (REDUCED FAT ) Flakes™ and it is not likely that there will ever be any. All of our competitors are primarily interested in maximizing their profits by selling products made with ground shells–products made worthless with prices and recommendations that ensure that they are only used in symbolic quantities. Our Hemp Hearts™ (REDUCED FAT ) Powder™ is the ONLY hemp protein powder that is not sandy and bitter with ground shell particles. In fact, we make 30 premium products from Hemp Hearts™–but nothing at all that includes bitter, sandy, ground shell material. Organic Hemp Protein Powder– because of its sandy ground shell content–normally tests with 2000 percent more air pollutants than our shell free Hemp Hearts™ products.

— Roger Snow, Rocky Mountain Grain Products

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